Consul General of Belgium Mr. Mark Van De Vreken inaugurated Golu @ VR Chennai.

VR Chennai has become an integral shopping destination and community hub inspired by the culture and heritage of this beautiful city. As part of paying homage to the rich cultural fabric of the region, VR Chennai is hosting a 24 feet long, 3 step  Golu at its premises till October 19. 


The festive display of figurines was inaugurated by the Belgian Consul General Mr. Mark Van De Vreken.
Step one: Three Devi’s in the Centre  with relevance to navratri. Which is also relevant to Mahavishnu killing Ravana hence he is here in two form on either side. Followed by other forms of Vishnu, Ram, Balaji and Krishna. With other forms of Devi, Sharda and Annapurani
Top Padi –  Ganesh and Karthik are sons of Kali with Natraj on either side And at the other end is a display of  Dasavataram
Step 2: Ashtalakshmi and Kailash Pranay Parbat
Step 3: Scenes from Ramayana,  Bhagwad and Krishna’s story
On the floor a Mysore Dussera procession and the other end has a display of the Tirumala Garuda Seva

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